Is Elder Scrolls Online worth playing?
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#1: Is Elder Scrolls Online worth playing? Autor: xiayumin PošaljiPoslato: Čet Jul 25, 2019 8:19 am
Well, in my opinion, yes.

I suppose it depends upon what you want from a game, really. I don’t really take part in any of the PVP so I can’t comment on Cheap ESO Gold this content, but I’ve tried just about everything else and I really enjoy the game.

the plus points for me;

its immersive, I really invest time developing characters and have experimented with all sorts of different builds
its beautiful, just last night I had to sit back and admire the in-game sunset over the mountains
its fun
there’s so much to ESO Gold For Sale do, dungeons, side quests, main quests, crafting, building and PVP if you want it
the lore is rich and makes it clearly an Elder Scrolls game
its free, apart from initial purchase and your xbox live membership

Since it came out on xbox in June 2015 I’ve played almost every single day and I’m still finding quests I hadn’t come across before.

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