Newspaper in Bangladesh How to get updated
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A large number of news followers in Bangladesh rely on social media to get information, but private newspapers are still the most reliable source of news for the majority of the country's news readers, a new research has revealed. The results of the study entitled The Libertas Project, jointly conducted by the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) Center for Enterprise and Society (CES) and Dhaka Tribune, were unveiled at a seminar held Thursday at the ULAB auditorium in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. The study surveyed 500 randomly selected people from all walks of life, where 63 percent of respondents said they still rely on private newspapers as the main source of news, while 41 percent said they considered social media to be their most reliable news source. Meanwhile, 43 per cent of respondents said they follow private television and radio channels for news, 30 per cent depend on online news sources, 25 per cent follow public television and radio channels, and 14 per cent find trusted individuals to be their most reliable information source. 61 per cent of respondents said they practice self-censorship during the survey because they are worried about their health. Another 39% don't want to trigger an offense, "When we talk about media status, we do need to look at the state of a country's culture, politics and social order," he said. "If with his idea a society is advanced, if a society is not dependent on others. The media then gains mor Bangladesh News independence, too. "As our nation experiences phenomenal growth on an economic level. And we see some political-sector peace. The social sector is also making headway. So we are now at a crossroads where the media can play an important role in ensuring human rights, ensuring the right to freedom of speech, and ensuring good governance, and ensuring social peace. "He said the media must now play their position as the state, and the people expect it. Javed Patel, acting British High Commissioner for Bangladesh, said people should be able to discuss, debate freely and question their government in every region. Dr Kazi Anis Ahmed, vice-president of the board of trustees of ULAB and publisher of Dhaka Tribune, said that news media are under pressure due to the proliferation of social media, as social media sites are able to escape by using content for free, while the key sources of content are news media. He said laws need to be modified to protect journalists ' rights but such reforms do not seem to be made by the people in power."I don't know how to get around that paradox.

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