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Vanja023: Mala pomoc...pri secenju torte da li je problem u nozu,posto mi puca kora kako krenem da secem?ili je to do staklene posude?
03-Aug-2015 08:03:06
PocetnikBeograd: Treba mi mala pomoć. Da li neko može da mi kaže u koje paste se stavlja tomato/paradajz, a u koje paste NE IDE tomato/paradajz? Takođe me zanima u koje paste se stavljaju Pesto i Besamel, a u koje paste se ne stavljaju Pesto i Besamel?
07-Jul-2015 11:33:07
ceca: jedu mi se Krofne oe šuplja Maskina... na Proplanku tamo negdije uz Dunav i one dvije igracke,pozdrav Proplanku
16-May-2015 10:02:55
ceca: kisa2-3dana, pad tem pa usnjezica... a Sta za rucak? Wall
18-Jan-2015 09:35:17
ceca: Sta sutra za rucak Frau2 pozdrav svima
17-Jan-2015 20:55:31
ceca: ni danas nema promjena, kisa i dalje, gledala sam film Lucy ...preporuke, kisa do sutra uvece, pa sunce do srijede, jedemi se kolac, odo smlatiti Monte,poz svima...
23-Aug-2014 17:11:33
ceca: sta slatko za danas ? Wall
13-Oct-2013 10:19:01
ceca: sutra opet kisa, pa u cetvrtak, viken bez padavina, pekmez od sliva gotov, a kod vas Kazanche
16-Sep-2013 21:02:09
ceca: jedan od dana kad su svi skolarci osisani, ispeglani okupani... Prvacici veselo upoznajte nove drugare, svi ostali podjelite uzinu, i dok se sve preprica. svi pozdravite i ...eto zimskog Frau2 malo obaveza za svakog, a sta ste danam lijepo papali...
01-Sep-2013 14:02:17
ceca: dok se Roll opet skola, jesu li u plani torte i slatkisi za slatki pocetak skolske godine prvacicima obavezno a ovim vecim neki omiljeni za utijehu na kraju raspusta, nama na potrosenom novcu oko nabavke a ne ide mi se opet u skolu Sad , raspust nekako godi i roditeljima... za ponedeljak kisobrane
29-Aug-2013 19:10:50
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out there. There are also still some good tackle

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PošaljiPoslato: Sre Jun 19, 2019 3:34 am    Naslov: out there. There are also still some good tackle Odgovori sa citatom

Matt Weston pulls together the subjective to create the objective to analyze the sacks Houston allowed in 2018."Assertions are made on aspects we really don’t know the truth to. Some examples burn stronger and brighter than others. Feelings get in the way of what actually happened. Narratives are fabricated from the shredded remains of previous devious opinions. After last season Jon Weeks Jersey , I felt like a high number of the sacks Deshaun Watson took last season weren’t actually because of the offensive line. The last ranking in both pressure rate at 38.7% and adjusted sack rate at 11.5% wasn’t just because of blown blocks, but because of no one being open, big blitzes, offensive line rearranging and poor utilization of talent, and secondary blockers. Sure, the offensive line wasn’t great Bob, but it wasn’t the worst in football. So I went back to see if what I thought and said was true was actually true. I charted each time Watson was sacked in 2018, all 65 of them, and looked at why Watson was sacked, which position and player was at fault, the number of players protecting and rushing, if play action or a blitz was used, and the impact the play had on the drive itself. It’s all very scientific and heavily scrutinized by a peer reviewed panel out in Geneva. Like sack# 65 where no one blew a block, but there was overall pressure due to the blitz Alfred Blue Jersey , and Watson failed to scramble. No one was open. The Texans had six blockers for six rushers.via GfycatOr sack# 44 where Senio Kelemete missed his assignment and decided not to block down. Watson was sacked in 1.3 seconds.via GfycatOr sack# 38 where Myles Garrett longarmed Juli’en Davenport into another universe and snagged down Watson with one arm. A blown block credited to Davenport.via GfycatOr sack#18 where everyone was covered and Watson opted to scramble for the touchdown on 4th and 1. A coverage sack, where the protection did its job.via GfycatAll 65 of these plays are now located in a spreadsheet that deciphers the data of an entire population. Let’s start with the big one, why Watson was sacked. This was the monumental reason for doing this, and the results surprised me. 32 of the 65 sacks Wastson took could be attributed to blocking negligence alone—simple blown blocks. Bull rushes, rips, swims, and edge rushes combined to turn the pocket into a warzone of negative plays. In addition to these 32, 10 more could be attributed to the blocking. 5 sacks were because of missed assignments, Kelemete earlier, a player pulling and blocking the wrong defender, etc., and 5 were because of overall pressure. These were plays where blitzes or multiple defenders collapsed the pocket to make things inescapable. Additionally, there weren’t many empty sacks here. Houston deserved almost all the sacks Watson took. Only 3 were the result of empty and broken plays. The rest were coverage sacks, plays where Watson couldn’t find anywhere to go with the ball. Watson either suffocated in the pocket or was tackled before he could capture positive yards after scrambling for more. Fault was determined by both player and position group. Watson was attributed the most blame out of any player. 23 sacks were credited to him. This isn’t entirely fair. Coverage sacks Ryan Griffin Jersey , and free rushers were blamed on him because there was no one else to blame. His number is best read as plays where there wasn’t a blocker who made a mistake. Aside from blown blocks and the offensive line performance, the biggest reason for the number of sacks was that no one was open. On 49 of the sacks there wasn’t an open receiver for Watson to hit. Everything was covered. No one was schemed open. On 13 of the plays he had an option that he never saw, and on 3 plays the rush was too overwhelming and too fast for anything to open up. Pass protection is more than an offensive line. It’s an ecosystem working together to keep the quarterback clean. Davenport gave up the most sacks on the team with 11. This looks disastrous at first glance, and it is, it just was at the beginning of the season. Davenport played right tackle until week six against the Dallas Cowboys when he moved back to left tackle, a game Houston allowed only one sack. Davenport allowed five sacks as a right tackle in three weeks before being benched for Kendall Lamm. When he moved to left tackle he allowed only six sacks in twelve games. Of course he would have given up sacks if he played left tackle to start the season, but the right tackle experiment was the enormous reason for his horrendous play. Numbers tell you what happened. There’s context though. Martinas Rankin allowed eight sacks on 430 offensive snaps. Five of his eight came at left tackle, a position that didn’t seem right for him to play in the pros after college, and in a rookie season where he didn’t even have a training camp because of a foot injury. He allowed three sacks as a guard. The numbers are interesting, and have their merit, but it’s important to keep one eye on all the offensive line mismanagement that occurred last season. Kendall Lamm was better than anyone thought he would be. He’s one of the worst run blockers in football, but he became a slightly incompetent pass blocker, an extraterrestrial improvement from someone who was a year removed from being the worst pass blocker most of us have ever seen. As the primary starting right tackle he gave up only 6 sacks in 859 offensive snaps, and allowed just as many as Zach Fulton Kahale Warring Houston Texans Jersey , and one less than Senio Kelemete. The interior allowed 19 sacks on their own. Greg Mancz, Fulton, Zach Martin, and Kelemete kept things leaky. They had troubles with bullrushes and let the pocket crumble too often. And there were too many troubles with picking up both the looper and the crasher on stunts. All seven of the stunt sacks Houston allowed were because of missed blocks on the interior. Things like this tend to happen when there is this much turnover on the offensive line. The rest is because of secondary blockers. Running backs and tight ends. Lamar Miller and Alfred Blue both allowed two sacks. Ryan Griffin and Jordan Thomas allowed a combined total of four sacks. This total of 8 was a figure I expected to be higher. Plays like this stick the folds of the brain more than the others. Let’s roll sack# 33.via GfycatHere’s the number of blockers and the number of rushers. On most of the sacks Houston allowed only their offensive line was protecting. 34 to be exact. The average number of blockers they had protecting was 5.73. On 16 sacks they kept in enough blockers to ensure they would have a number advantage. Watson had trouble against the blitz last season. Both the Colts and Browns had success using heavy blitzes to bring Watson down. Yet, only 18 of the 65 sacks saw more than 4 rushers and the defense blitzing. 47 of the sacks came from a basic 3 or 4 man rush. Teams had success jumping on Houston’s play action passes with stunts and blitzes. When offensive linemen pulled in pass protection a defender would loop back to fill its place and create confusion. That being said, the Texans allowed a sack only 15 times when they ran play action, and 50 of their sacks came without a play fake. Play action is good. Use it. The extra time required to block these passes don’t have the impact you’d assume it would. The chaos created outweighs the delay. Another interesting number taken from this data is the difference between the number of blockers Houston had, and the number of defenders rushing. Houston allowed only 2 sacks where they had less blockers than pass rushers. But they allowed 26 sacks where they had 2 or more blockers than rushers. This was one of the problems the offense faced. They had to chip and use secondary blockers to help out their offensive line, which limited the number of pass catchers available, but these packages also allowed more sacks than expected. 7 sacks were allowed when they had 3 more blockers than rushers. Lastly, let’s take a look at the effect these sacks had on the offense itself. The effect is the end result on the same set of downs. For example, if the drive ended with a punt, but Houston converted a first down following the sack, it’s listed as a first down. The number of plays represents what occurred following a sack on the same set of downs. As long as the quarterback is healthy Kahale Warring Jersey 2019 , and can deal with the pass pressure, the effect the negative play has on the drive itself is the only thing that matters. The sacks killed too many drives for Houston last season. 30 of the sacks turned into a punt, 11 killed promising drives and limited the number of points scored, turnovers occurred on 5 of these sacks or set of downs, and 4 of the drives ended after Houston failed to convert on fourth down. 51 drives careened by sacks is an enormous figure. On 14 of the drives Watson was able to produce some magic and dig Houston out. The offensive line was the biggest reason why Watson was sacked 65 times, Houston needs additional wide receiver help and health, Bill O’Brien and new offensive coordinator Tim Kelly need to scheme better hot options for Watson, and the sacks taken destroyed too many of Houston’s drives. Houston needs to add offensive line talent, and they need to do a better job managing and coaching the talent they already have. Watson’s development should help with the coverage sacks and failed scrambles, but the route designs need improvement too. Most importantly, this can’t happen again. The Texans’ offense was severely limited by the number of sacks allowed, and were extrenely fortunate Watson played all 16 games despite the pummeling he took. Limiting the number of sacks and quarterback hits taken, and the lowering the pressure rate should be the Texans’ primary offensive goal this offseason. Follow the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, along with the overreactions of Texans fans Color Rush Kahale Warring Jersey , as it happens live on Battle Red Blog."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Texans StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Texans NewsYahoo Texans Team PageYahoo Texans ReportYahoo Texans Depth ChartYahoo Texans TransactionsYahoo Texans PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕2019 NFL Draft2019 NFL Draft Results Live: Second Round New,697commentsFollow the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, along with the overreactions of Texans fans, as it happens live on Battle Red Blog. CDTShareTweetShareShare2019 NFL Draft Results Live: Second Round Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY SportsThe Tytus Howard selection was one of many the Texans will make over the next two days. The draft continues to ramble on tonight, and the Texans have the #54, #55, and the #86 picks. They’ll make three selections this evening as the draft speeds up and players are rapidly assigned to new hometowns. It’s an exciting place for the team to be after the way the first round played out last night.Two of the three best cornerbacks in the 2019 NFL Draft, Greedy Williams and Byron Murphy, are still available and possibilities for the Texans.Only two wide receivers and two tight ends were selected last night, so a lot of solid pass-catching talent is still out there. There are also still some good tackle prospects on the board, and only one guard was drafted last night as well, so there is ample opportunity to continue to address the offensive line. Anyways, here’s your open thread for the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft. The floor is open. You may now move about the cabin. GENTLE REMINDER: Please do not post any tweets or posts that tip picks before they’re announced on the live television broadcast. Doing so will be a bannable offense.
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